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41 Years Having fun and educating

General information

El Mundo de los Muñecos: Puppetworld Inc. was created and incorporated as a non-profit company in 1978, by the Ortiz Cortés family: Rafael A. Ortiz Mercado with his wife Virgenmina Cortés, their children: Rey Antonio, Noelia, Javier and Myrna Liz Ortiz Cortés, and the nephews José and Ramón López Alemán. In 1989 Karen Olivera Morales joined and is currently a member and part of the family.
In the field of puppet theater, this company works with a wide variety of puppet styles such as the following: glove, mouth and rod, shadow, giants and / or full length, black chamber puppets, string puppets and a style created by the company, based on the Japanese puppet Koruma Ninyio. Over time, this family business has distinguished itself by its quality of interpretation of its characters. This is achieved by taking care of the excellence in the manipulation of the puppet that results in their credibility, maintaining the attention of the public that identifies with them.
It is the first Puerto Rican company that received the Award of Excellence from UNIMA, USA.


In the theatrical work, the company has written, directed and produced a large number of plays to promote values such as work, decision making, family, caring for animals, self-esteem among others; and prevention of social problems such as drug and alcohol use and abuse, suicide prevention and child abuse. Also in food promotion projects like Paneco of ADFAM.
The ensemble has performed in all municipalities, including Vieques and Culebra, and in the United States and the Dominican Republic.
The traveling theater is developed with these themes, carrying the message to hundreds of schools, colleges, public residences, cultural centers, festivities, private activities, hospitals and churches.
The company has also presented theater pieces with puppets for adults such as: In case you fall in love, prevention of emotional abuse of women, Francisco de Cariamanga, Aristides Vargas and Woman of Gaza, among others.
 It has experience making and manipulating puppets for advertising campaigns or live product presentations.
Puppetworld, Inc. has participated in regional and international puppet festivals: Puppeteers of America in Atlanta, Michigan, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, UNIMA USA World Festival in Washington, DC, Puppet Festival and International Festival of Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, International Puppet Biennial and the Inter-American Festival of Arts and Theater.
On television and radio they kept the program for years: Hand in Hand with Children.


"Excellent work they do. Very good stories and the joy they convey to children. Keep doing what you do."

William Ortiz Nin - Puerto Rico

"Very good I loved it, they definitely have art and passion for what they do and they projected it today. Congratulations on your excellent work."

Yaminelli Díaz - Puerto Rico